Ms. Dalmy has provided legal expertise to our company for the past 5 years. Her knowledge and guidance in the field of securities law has been exceptional, providing information and insight that has played a key role in guiding corporate direction. She is both hard working and dedicated to the projects within which she participates, always prepared to stand behind her opinions and decisions. Ms. Dalmy is a team player, driven to find solutions collaboratively, with a focus on compliance. I have very much enjoyed working with Ms. Dalmy and would highly recommend her services to those requiring legal support in the field of Securities Law.

~ Steve Harding / CEO, President - American Exploration Corporation

Diane Dalmy has always guided me to excellent service providers in running the day-to-day-business of my public company, and those that know her, know that her reputation for honesty, and clarity are paramount.

~ Guther Than / Viewsystems

Prof Dalmy is amazing. She brings business law "to life" as she says in class. Everything is laid out in detail and made relevant to everyday affairs. I had NO understanding of the constitution and learned SO much. She has had an impact on my life and pursing further education.

~ Rachel / BLAW 3050

I have worked with Diane for nearly four years on all my public company's financials, and audits. She is excellent, thorough and always gets the job done.

~ Robert / President, OTC MARKET Company